World HR Day- Human rights essential for fair society: Secy DLSA


SRINAGAR: District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Srinagar, joined hands with the Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum HQ-Delhi (JK Unit) to mark the global celebration of World Human Rights. 

The event was held in the Conference Hall of DLSA, Srinagar, witnessing the presence of distinguished personalities, dedicated volunteers, and esteemed participants.

The program was organized under the able guidance and supervision of Chairman DLSA, (PDJ) Srinagar Jawad Ahmed.

The event witnessed the convergence of minds committed to upholding the fundamental principles enshrined in human rights, where Secretary DLSA, Jahangir Ahmad Bakshi, shed light on the intrinsic relation  between Human Rights and the Indian Constitution.  

He emphasized that Human rights are the bedrock of a fair and just society, and our Constitution stands as a testament to our commitment towards safeguarding these rights for all.

This collaborative initiative exemplifies our collective resolve to promote and protect these fundamental principles. The program  also witnessed the participation of Mudasir Naiko, President of the Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum HQ-Delhi (JK Unit), who has been instrumental for the cause of human rights and other social issues.

Suhaila Ali, Panel Lawyer of DLSA, Srinagar, shared invaluable insights, igniting discussions on the practical aspects of human rights and their relevance in today’s socio-legal landscape. Neelofar, Para Legal Volunteer of DLSA, Srinagar brought a grassroots perspective, underscoring the significance of community engagement in safeguarding these rights.

The event witnessed active participation from staff members of DLSA, Srinagar, volunteers from the Human Rights & Anti-Corruption Forum HQ-Delhi (JK Unit) and para legal volunteers of DLSA, Srinagar.

Their collective efforts further amplified the resonance of this crucial dialogue on human rights. Sunila, Jr. LA of DLSA Srinagar moderated the proceedings of the event.

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