Misuse of Social-media Networking Platforms

Admin in Kulgam, SHopian, Gbl issue stern warning

Ask people to report messages, posts propagating terrorism, secessionism

Srinagar: The administration in three districts of Kashmir have issued a stern warning against the misuse of social-media networking platforms, asking people to report messages, posts propagating terrorism and secessionism.

The District Magistrate (DM) Kulgam, Dr. Bilal Mohi-Ud-Din Bhat issued an order asking the netizens in the district to refrain from all sorts of misuse of social-media networking platforms.

The DM issued this order as it has appeared that some anti-national persons or groups are resorting to misuse of social-media networking platforms on internet by ‘preparing’ or ‘posting’ or ‘spreading’ or ‘propagating’ by way of ‘forwarding’ or ‘sharing’ incendiary messages and propaganda of terrorist and separatist outfits.

Such activities, the order reads, are being carried out with intention to glorify terrorists and their actions, intimidate and terrorise individuals or general public or sections of public, exhort member(s) of public to resort to violence by inciting, encouraging and spreading disaffection/hatred, propagate terrorist and secessionist ideology and false narratives,  and promoting fell of hatred, ill-will on religious ground which is likely to disturb public order and tranquillity.

Do’s and Don’ts have also been issued in furtherance of the District Magistrate Order.

The District Magistrate (DM) Shopian, Faz Lul Haseeb also issued a similar order, asking the netizens in the district to refrain from all sorts of misuse of social-media networking platforms.

Moreover, the district administration Ganderbal issued a stern warning against the dissemination of incendiary messages and propaganda by citizens on social media platforms.

The administration appealed to the public to refrain from ‘preparing,’ ‘posting,’ ‘uploading,’ or propagating incendiary content that glorifies terrorist actions or promotes separatist ideologies.

Such misuse of social media is deemed detrimental to the state’s security and the maintenance of law and order.

Citizens are directed to abstain from ‘posting’ or ‘uploading’ such content within the jurisdiction of District Ganderbal.

In the event of receiving messages propagating terrorism, secessionism, or communally sensitive material, individuals are urged to promptly report such instances, along with screenshots and details, to the nearest police station or police post.

In cases where individuals inadvertently share such content, the administration advises immediate retrieval of messages, followed by a clarification to contacts or groups.

As a precautionary measure, any such incidents should be reported to the nearest police station or police post.

The District Administration emphasizes the responsibility of citizens to report messages or posts propagating terrorism or secessionism, even if not downloaded, to ensure the collective safety of the community.

Remaining a member of social media groups with inappropriate content may raise presumptions unless individuals opt out or report such groups to the police authorities. Failure to disassociate from such groups may be presumed as an endorsement of the content shared, implying complicity.

The District Administration encourages proactive engagement from citizens in maintaining a secure and harmonious community.

General public is also urged to report such messages/content to the district Control Room (0194-2416260, 0194-241626, WhatsApp 91 84938 68773).


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