Soil is climate superstar, says Sadhguru at COP28

Bengaluru: Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, the spiritual leader and founder of Isha Foundation in his address at the COP28 said that soil is ‘climate superstar’.

Addressing the special session titled ‘Soil, the Climate Superstar: Dialogue to mark World Soil Day 2023’, Sadhguru said that with just one-tenth of the money currently being spent on climate mitigation, we can significantly turn around the land and soil situation and reverse climate change by 35 to 40 per cent in 8 to 12 years’ time.

He said that it’s important that we understand, this is not just about awareness, it’s time for action.

“If we believe that COP is the fulcrum of change, we must push for action instead of engaging in more conversations and more conversations,” he said.

He said that just about every resource we use, no matter what we are making out of it, is essentially soil.

“Soil is not just the farmer’s business. It is everybody’s business because we are soil. The only question is – will we get it now, or will we get it only from the maggots when we are buried? If we get it now, we can make a difference. Let us make it happen,” he said.

He said that making soil cool as a topic is just the beginning. “We have to cool the soil which is the real thing,” he said.

UNCCD Executive Secretary Ibrahim Thiaw and Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC Secretary-General Commonwealth were also present on the occasion.

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