Shaikh-Ul-Aalam’s works enlighten truth seekers: KU VC

Srinagar: To explore the literary contributions of Sufi scholars in Kashmir with special focus on those associated with Shaikh-Ul-Aalam (RA), engaging in examination of the texts and delving into the wisdom encapsulated within the Sufi teachings, the Shaikh-Ul-Aalam Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies (SACMS), Kashmir University (KU) organised a day-long seminar on ‘Texts, Shrines and Sufis in Kashmir with Special Reference to Shaikh-Ul-Aalam (RA)’ here Wednesday.

During the inaugural session KU, Vice Chancellor, Prof Nilofer Khan lauded SACMS for its efforts in disseminating the teachings of Shaikh-ul-Aalam (RA) and emphasised the importance of reaching a wider audience, especially the youth.

“Shaikh-Ul-Alam possessed profound spiritual insight while guiding others on the Sufi path. He is revered for his wisdom, piety and ability to guide seekers of truth and spiritual enlightenment,” she said, adding that he played a significant role in transmitting the teachings and practices of Sufism to his disciples and followers.

She added that the centre has a responsibility to engage the young scholars in literary and research discourses by highlighting the contributions of the revered saints and sufis of Kashmir.

Registrar, Kashmir University, Dr Nisar Ahmad Mir while exploring the socio-cultural dynamics of Shaikh’s era examined the impact of his verses on shaping the current behaviour and mindset of the people in Kashmir.

In his keynote, Former Dean, School of Arts, Languages and Literatures, KU, Prof Shafi Shauq highlighted Shaikh-Ul-Aalam’s lasting impact on the Kashmiri consciousness through his poetic expressions.

He said, “I consider him (Shaik-Ul-Aalam) as the greatest poet we have ever produced and the reverence for Shaikh will keep ever-increasing.”

On the occasion, two issues of the centre’s annual journal, The Alamdar and a book in Urdu edited by Prof G N Khaki (former Chairman, SACMS) and Dr Ifshana Qayoom (Research Fellow, SACMS) were released. The book published by SACMS is focused around various aspects of Shaikh-Ul-Aalam’s life and thought.

Dr Muhammad Ilham from SACMS conducted the proceedings of the inaugural session while Dr Saltanat Farooq presented the formal vote of thanks.

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