Public Durbars, step towards participatory governance in J&K     

Srinagar: In a significant move towards fostering direct engagement and addressing public grievances, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has initiated a series of Public Durbars across different districts.

This progressive approach, according to the officials, is aimed at bringing governance closer to the people.

Recently the government issued a roster of Administrative Secretaries who will conduct Public Durbars in various districts of the Union Territory.

“The concept of Public Durbars reflects a commitment to transparency, accessibility, and responsiveness on the part of the administration. It marks a departure from traditional bureaucratic processes, offering a unique platform for common citizens to voice their concerns directly to high-ranking officials. The roster of Administrative Secretaries, carefully chosen to represent diverse sectors, highlights the government’s determination to address a wide array of issues faced by the public,” officials told Precious Kashmir.

They said, “The Public Durbars, held regularly in different districts, provide a forum for residents to articulate their problems, seek redressal, and interact with government officials in an open and accountable manner. This approach not only bridges the gap between citizens and administrators but also ensures that decision-makers are well-informed about the challenges faced by the people on the ground.”

One of the notable aspects of this initiative is the rotation of Administrative Secretaries, covering various departments, during the Public Durbars. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the myriad issues faced by the citizens, ranging from infrastructure and development concerns to social and economic challenges. It reflects a commitment to holistic governance and underscores the government’s dedication to addressing the diverse needs of the population.

An observer said, “The Public Durbars have provided people with a direct line of communication with the government. This direct contact has led to many long-pending issues getting resolved promptly.”

“The Public Durbars address a wide spectrum of concerns, ranging from the quality of public services to the implementation of welfare schemes. The approach has led to holistic development and the well-being of the citizens,” he said, adding, “The Public Durbars in J&K have not only strengthened the bond between the administration and the public but have also set a positive precedent for participatory governance. These serve as a model for other regions to consider, emphasizing the importance of creating avenues for direct citizen engagement in decision-making processes.”

Notably direct interaction between the people and the officials is a message to the people that the government is not only willing to listen but is also eager to act on the concerns of its citizens.

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