Delhi’s air quality remains ‘very poor’

New Delhi:  Overall air quality in the national capital continued to be in the ‘very poor’ category on Saturday.

In Anand Vihar, the Air Quality Index (AQI) entered the ‘severe’ category with PM 2.5 at 473 and PM 10 at 464, while the CO was at 119, in ‘moderate’ category with NO2 at 69, in ‘satisfactory’ levels, as per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) at 9 a.m.

The AQI between zero and 50 is considered ‘good’; 51 and 100 ‘satisfactory’; 101 and 200 ‘moderate’; 201 and 300 ‘poor’; 301 and 400 ‘very poor’; and 401 and 500 ‘severe’.

The Bawana station recorded PM 2.5 at 481 and PM 10 at 432, in the ‘severe’ category, while the Carbon Monoxide (CO) plunged to 101, in ‘moderate’ levels.

At Aya Nagar, the PM 2.5 reached 341 and PM 10 at 321, both in the ‘very poor’ category.

The CO was recorded at 104, under the ‘moderate’ category on the weather station. The AQI monitoring station at Dwarka sector 8 recorded PM 2.5 at 446 and PM 10 at 401, both in the ‘severe’ category while the CO reached at 90, and NO2 at 65, both in ‘satisfactory’ levels.

The air quality at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport T3 area was in the ‘severe’ category with PM 2.5 at 430 and PM 10 at 341, in ‘poor’ levels while the CO was at 76, in ‘satisfactory’ levels.

At ITO station, the PM 2.5 was recorded at 413, in the ‘very poor’ category and PM 10 was at 296, in the ‘poor’ category. The CO was at 60, in ‘satisfactory’ levels while NO2 plummeted to 103, in ‘moderate’ level.

The PM 2.5 at Okhla Phase-II was recorded at 433 and PM 10 reached 407, placing both under the ‘severe’ category. The NO2 reached 117, in the ‘moderate’ category.

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