La Liga president Tebas resigns

Madrid: The president of the Spanish Football League (La Liga), Javier Tebas, resigned on Wednesday to call new elections.

Tebas, 61, announced his decision a month before his mandate was due to end on December 26, and will present himself as a candidate for a fourth term, after taking the reins of La Liga in 2013, reports Xinhua.

La Liga confirmed the new elections in a statement.

“Today, November 22, 2023, Mr. Javier Tebas Medrano has presented his resignation as President of La Liga. This opens an electoral process in which, in accordance with the statutory and regulatory provisions, the drawing of lots will be held today for the appointment of the members of the Electoral Commission, which once constituted will be in charge of call the elections,” informed La Liga.

Tebas’ 10 years as La Liga president have seen him work hard to strengthen the competition’s international image and have also seen a more equitable division of TV rights.

However, he is a controversial president, partly for his political views after announcing he is a supporter of the far right-wing Vox party. He has also drawn criticism with the strict financial fair play rules imposed by La Liga and an agreement that saw the CVC investment fund inject cash to clubs in exchange for a percentage of their TV earnings.

Although Tebas is a self-confessed Real Madrid supporter, he has a poor relationship with Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, due to TV rights issues and Tebas’ opposition to a Super League.

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