Kishtwar’s saffron gets GI tag

Jammu: Kishtwar saffron, which is cultivated and harvested in the higher reaches, has been given the Geographical Indication (GI) tag by the Geographical Indications Registry.

The news was shared by Deputy Commissioner, Kishtwar Dr Devansh Yadav on social media platform X with picture of certificate.

“Kishtwar Saffron brand gets GI tagged for the first time… Tagged along with Kashmiri saffron – multiple FPO brands coming up now!! Icing on the cake – certified as grade1,” the post reads.

The spice is grown in some parts of Kishtwar region of Jammu along with parts of Kashmir.

The legendary most expensive harvest of saffron, popularly known as Kumkum, is also a key cash crop in Jammu’s isolated mountainous district of Kishtwar.

Saffron cultivation is a cultural heritage that represents freshness and purity. Kishtwar’s saffron production area is called locally as Mandal.

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