Announce winter vacations


Winter is leisurely approaching its zenith. The severe cold conditions have gripped Kashmir Valley in the last few days and there are no signs of let up. Srinagar, the summer capital of J&K, not only recorded the coldest night of the season with mercury plummeting every passing day. The maximum temperature too has seen a decrease.

Amid the freezing conditions, children face a lot of difficulties, more so in reaching the schools amid extreme foggy conditions and minus temperatures. The absence of heating systems in schools and scarcity of electricity adds to the problem.

According to an association of schools and rightly so, the prevailing freezing weather conditions can negatively impact the health of the children.

Amid all this, Kashmir is reporting a spurt in wheezing and common cold cases among the people, more so in children.

As per doctors, the number of winter ailment cases have increased with children suffering with cough, common cold, wheezing and some with pneumonia.

It is important to note that children are most prone to such infections because their airways are small and hence easily get blocked. A minor cold or running nose can get severe if it is not treated on time, experts have said.

According to doctors, cough in children this season is prolonged to almost two weeks and it at times appears to be an unusual trend.

Also the average humidity level is favourable for the multiplication of bacteria and microorganisms causing infections. As per the experts, the best way to keep away from the winter ailments is to be well-clothed and drink a lot of fluids to prevent dehydration. More importantly, the doctors advise that children should be kept away from infected persons. In other words, announcing vacations could save many children from coming in contact with their infected counterparts.

The temperatures are expected to further decrease in the coming days and given the importance of the health of the children, the government needs to take early call for the winter vacations. Rather it should be announced immediately as children are finding it difficult to reach schools amid freezing cold conditions. The health of the children remains top priority for everyone, parents, schools managements and the administration alike. Not only is the chill uncomfortable, the early morning fog also makes the conditions difficult and as such the administration should take a decision and announce winter vacations immediately for upto at least 8th class.

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