DPS shines in ‘Doon Inter-School Basketball Tourney

Srinagar: In a spectacular showcase of skill and teamwork, Delhi Public School, Srinagar has emerged victorious in the Doon Inter-School Basketball Tournament 2023. The final match, held against Doon International School, concluded with a resounding victory for DPS Srinagar on Friday, securing a dominant win with a scoreline of 75-30.

The journey to victory was marked by consistently stellar performances throughout the tournament. DPS Srinagar’s basketball team demonstrated their prowess by defeating GD Goenka in the initial stages, followed by impressive victories against Burn Hall School in the quarter-finals and Tyndale Biscoe School in the semi-finals.

Principal Shafaq Afshan expressed her joy, saying, “Our students have once again showcased their excellence in sports. The victory in the Doon Inter-School Basketball Tournament is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the guidance of our coaches. We are incredibly proud of their achievements.”

Chairman Vijay Dhar lauded the team’s success, stating, “Sports play a pivotal role in shaping a student’s character and instilling values like teamwork and discipline. DPS Srinagar’s triumph in this tournament reflects our commitment to holistic development.”

The outstanding performances of Syed Muqtida, declared the Best Player of the Match in the finals, and Hadi Zargar, honored as the Player of the Tournament, added extra flair to DPS Srinagar’s victory.

Basketball Coach Mir Mursaleen commended the team’s effort, remarking, “These young athletes have worked tirelessly, honing their skills on the court. The victory is a result of their commitment and the excellent teamwork they’ve displayed.”

Mudasir Bashir, the Games Secretary, highlighted the significance of sports in shaping students’ characters, stating, “Events like these not only promote physical fitness but also instill qualities like sportsmanship and resilience. DPS Srinagar’s success in this tournament is a proud moment for all of us.”

The Doon Inter-School Basketball Tournament 2023, which commenced on October 30th and witnessed the participation of sixteen teams, has been a remarkable journey for DPS Srinagar. The school community looks forward to more triumphs and achievements in the field of sports.

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