KU organizes diabetes awareness event

VC lauds attendees for their participation

Srinagar: On World Diabetes Day, the University of Kashmir’s Department of Clinical Biochemistry organized an event, spearheaded by the one of the leading endocrinologist, Prof (Dr.) Muhammad Ashraf Ganai from SKIMS.

This event aimed to raise awareness and educate attendees about the nuances of diabetes management.

Dr. Ganai, drawing from his wealth of experience in treating diabetes patients, passionately emphasized the critical need for comprehensive education, including caregivers along with patients. During his enlightening talk, he illuminated the concerning prevalence of misconceptions among valley patients, underscoring the intricate interplay of social factors in diabetes management.

He stressed the importance of proactive healthcare measures and aligning efforts to curtail the rising diabetes prevalence within the region. Highlighting the significance of education, awareness, and proactive measures, Dr. Ganai set the tone for a robust response to combat this escalating epidemic.

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nilofer Khan, acknowledging the event’s significance, lauded attendees for their participation. “Consider yourselves fortunate to have engaged in this enlightening discourse. The insights gained will not only enrich your academic journey but also significantly impact your roles as caregivers,” remarked Prof. Khan.

She urged the youth to shoulder the responsibility of disseminating awareness, beginning from their homes and extending it to events like the one convened on World Diabetes Day.

Moreover, Prof. Khan emphasized the University of Kashmir’s proactive initiative in training a specialized cadre of students as diabetic educators, underscoring the institution’s commitment to empowering the youth while addressing critical healthcare needs.

Dr. Fouzia Rashid, Head of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, stressed the urgency of such enlightening sessions. “With a substantial number of individuals teetering on the brink of pre-diabetic conditions, proactive measures are imperative to prevent the transition to full-fledged diabetes,” she asserted.

The event drew a diverse audience, comprising enthusiastic students and faculty members from the University of Kashmir and neighboring academic institutions.

Notable figures among the attendees included Dr. Nisar Ahmad Mir (Registrar, University of Kashmir), Prof. Afzal Zargar (Registrar, Central University of Kashmir), Prof. Zaffar Reshi and Prof. Geer Mohammad Ishaq.

The resonating impact of this educational event underscored the imperative need for proactive measures, collective awareness, and dedicated initiatives to combat the burgeoning diabetes crisis within the region.


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