Vitasta School of Law hosts essay competition

Winners to work as editors of magazine Wyeth

Srinagar: Vitasta School of Law and Humanities Thursday announced the successful completion of its highly anticipated essay competition. The event, held on campus, showcased the exceptional writing skills and intellectual prowess of the college’s students.
The essay competition, organized by Vitasta School of Law and Humanities, aimed to foster critical thinking, encourage research, and promote effective communication among the students. Participants were given the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics related to law and humanities, allowing them to showcase their knowledge and creativity.
The competition witnessed intense participation from students across various semesters. After a rigorous evaluation process, the winners were selected based on the quality of their essays and their ability to present well-researched arguments.
1st Position was bagged byLoveza, from the 10th semester, demonstrated exceptional writing skills and secured the first position. Loveza’s insightful analysis and articulate presentation set them apart from the competition.
2nd Position was bagged by Syed NailaHamdani and AnziratParveez, both from different semesters, showcased remarkable talent and secured the second position. Their essays exhibited a deep understanding of the subject matter and displayed excellent writing skills.
3rd Position was bagged byMedhat, from the 3rd semester, demonstrated commendable research skills and secured the third position. Medhat’s essay stood out for its originality and well-structured arguments.
In recognition of their outstanding performance, Vitasta School of Law and Humanities has chosen Loveza, Syed NailaHamdani, AnziratParveez, and Medhat as the editors of their prestigious magazine, Wyeth. This appointment reflects their exceptional abilities and their commitment to academic excellence.
Certificates were distributed among all the participants by worthy Principal Dr.Rafique and Vice-Principal Mr.Rakib Ahmad Zia to acknowledge their hard work and dedication. The college extends its warmest congratulations to all the winners and participants for their exceptional contributions to the competition.
Vitasta School of Law and Humanities has expressed gratitude to all the faculty members, staff, and participants who made this event a resounding success.

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