Vitasta School of Law hosts Conference on drug awareness

Srinagar: Vitasta School of Law and Humanities Wednesday organized a highly informative and engaging Drug Awareness Conference.

The event was jointly conducted by DySP Nasir Khan and Dr. Rouf, who shared their expertise on the subject matter.

The conference aimed to educate students about various aspects of drug abuse from both legal and medical perspectives.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from the students of Vitasta School of Law and Humanitie who actively engaged in discussions and deliberations, gaining valuable insights into the legal and medical consequences of drug abuse.

The event proved to be a significant platform for students to enhance their understanding of this critical issue.

DYSP Nasir Khan, a renowned law enforcement officer, shed light on the legal aspects of drug abuse.

He emphasized the importance of creating awareness among the youth and the community at large to combat this growing problem.

His extensive experience and knowledge in the field provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal implications associated with drug abuse.

Dr. Rouf, an esteemed medical professional, shared his expertise on the medical perspective of drug abuse.

He highlighted the physical and psychological effects of drug addiction and provided valuable insights into the various treatment options available.

Dr. Rouf’s presentation helped students gain a deeper understanding of the health risks associated with drug abuse and the importance of seeking professional help.

The Drug Awareness Conference at Vitasta School of Law and Humanities served as a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas on this pressing issue as the event not only enhanced their knowledge but also inspired them to actively contribute to creating a drug-free society.

Vitasta School of Law and Humanities said that it takes pride in organizing such events that promote awareness and empower students to make informed decisions.

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