DPS Srinagar shines at ‘Rang-e-Chinar’

Srinagar: On the occasion of the “Rang-e-Chinar” event held at NIT Srinagar, students from DPS Srinagar Wednesday secured various accolades.
In the Solo Singing (Eastern) category, Jazreet Singh, a student from Class 12th D1, secured the 2nd position while the DPS Srinagar band, which included the talented individuals Jazreet Singh, ZaighamWajahat, Raqeem Ahmad Tak, Abeer Ahmad Shah, Bakhtiyar, HamzaSaadut, Haziq, Muneam, Ali Shabir, HadiImtiyaz, and Hammad, achieved the 2nd position in the Battle of Bands competition.
Congratulating the students, the Principal ShafaqAfshan said, “At DPS Srinagar the bar for musical excellence as with other excellence has always been high. It is fitting that our students should exhibit credentials of excellence at all fora.”
She further acknowledged the significant contribution of ArshidHussain, the dedicated teacher who diligently prepared the DPS Srinagar students for the event remarking that, “It is his guidance and mentorship that played a pivotal role in the success of the students. Congratulations to the mentor and his mentees.”
The Chairman, Vijay Dhar also congratulated the students and said, “DPS Srinagar is synonymous not just with talent but also perseverance and dedication. That our students succeeded by competing against formidable colleges and institutions, reflects the soaring levels of talent and dedication in our students, that we seek to identify and cultivate. Congratulations to all.”

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