Cricket: My style and game


Literally, sports activities were discovered or introduced in the past for recreational purposes and for the overall development of fitness means in different societies. Well-educated people still believe sports activities are making us active and fresh, keeping us away from several diseases like obesity, and strengthening our muscles in a very proper and healthy way. Every body movement is an exercise related to any of the sports activities. Today, I am going to let you know what sports actually are and how we can take sports-related activities at any level up to international.

Every one of us is fond of playing football, carom, chess, or cricket, and it depends. Everyone has his or her own choices, and everyone has a legitimate right to engage in different legitimate sports activities to keep themselves fit and healthy.
Since October 5th, 2023, the Cricket World Cup has been going on in our country, and about 10 of the best teams are participating in the ongoing mega event. As we know, the Indian cricket team is one of the top and best team in the world due to certain reasons, like India’s well-developed domestic cricket infrastructure and India is second-largest populated due to this very reason we have maximum chances of produce world-class sportsmen in all sports categories. When there is a maximum number of individuals, the competition level gets more intense, and we are getting the best lot.
In Asia, cricket is being considered one of the best and favourite games, and most of us are getting attracted to it. Today, cricket has a great potential to generate handsome earnings for cricketers and immense employment for several other business sectors. That may be the reason most of our friends are taking an interest in cricket and testing their fates. We only mean that our youth should take part in sports activities so that they will stay away from drugs and other evils in our society today.
Is cricket a war or a game?
Today we are civilised, and we know very well how the developing countries are getting rich, how they produce employment for their youth, and how they are sharing their sources with other countries. Simply every country wants to become developed and wants to go up in GDP (gross domestic production) for good and meaningful results.
There are 10 world-class cricket teams participating in the ongoing cricket world in India. The teams are: host India, the Indian cricket team with the number 1 rank in one-day internationals (ODI’s), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, Afghanistan, Netherlands, South Africa, and the defending champions, which is England. England has a rich cricket history, and one more interesting thing England introduced cricket in the world. So far as my opinion are concerned, the mega events are being held so that the maximum number of youth get attracted to these games and may get a chance to present their country at the international level, but we have quite different perceptions, and we are taking every sports activity as warlike as it should not be.
Winning or losing any game is obvious, and we have to cheer for whoever showed us good and perfect skill during the game. Every cricket fan should support both teams and should enjoy the skills of the game, not the things that are against the game. The real fan is one who sports players with class and great cricketing skills, not one who is just hitting the bowl like he or she knows nothing about it.
You have to know?
For me, I have seen thousands of cricketers who were at the top during their time, but only a few are getting fame and charm like Sir Vivian Richards, Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gawaskar, and Rahul Dravid (the wall) one of my favourite cricketers, as his decency attracts me a lot. Presently holding the head coach position in the Indian cricket team, Wasim Akram, Sangkara, Daniel Vettori, etc., those who have perfect skills will be remember for centuries. Always try to be different; never copy others; innovate; discover your own skills; and impart what you are going the whole world so that the world will get benefitted and your dedication will be praised, not just for your own people; the world should praise your innovation. In sports, a number of cricketers have introduced their own special innovation in cricket, like the Kohli’s Drive and the Saqlain Mushtaq’s Doosra Bowl, and I have seen number shorts that commentators are crediting with some players.
We should be real fans and support the real game. Always be a player who is flooded with skills, whether you lose or win; never judge who is good or who is weak. Losing always gives strength to our hopes, and after every win, we dream for the next one. After every loss, we get courage and a chance to point out our weaknesses and what areas we are supposed to work on.

The Author is Environmental Science Lecturer hail from the Village Bhagota Distt and Teh Doda Jammu and Kashmir.Views are his personal

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