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Using Public Services Guarantee Act’s Section 4, many more services of departments have been brought under the purview of the legislation which sets the maximum time limit for the services to be provided to the common man.

The Act is a pioneering step towards expediting the delivery of services to the people of the J&K and to fight the menace of corruption.

The public service can be defined as a service which the common citizen is supposed to get from the government. In the Right to Service, the term “service” has been defined as any service notified by the state government under the respective law. The term “right to service” denotes the right of a citizen to obtain the service under the stipulated time frame under the law. Section 2 (g) of the J&k Public Service Guarantee Act defines service as “service” means any service notified under section 4.

Under section 5 (2) of the Act, any eligible person can file an application with the designated officer for providing the notified service within the stipulated time. The designated officer shall be within the specified time limit as provided in SRO 224 of 2011.

The inclusion of most services is surely a welcome step. This in turn would reduce the chances of corruption to a greater extent and make administration more responsive. The legislation nurtures good governance and provides for public service to every eligible person within the specified time limit in a transparent manner. An eligible person can demand performance of duties and functions in accordance with the Act. He is empowered under the Act to hold the concerned designated officer accountable for any service deficiency. He is also empowered to seek compensation with respect to non-providing service or deficiency in service. The decision by the government is reflective of the fact that, in this Digital India age, there is no scope for services delay or denials.

Data regarding pendency under Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011, in delivery of services should be analysed to identify the officers with highest pendency beyond stipulated timelines under the act and taking of strict disciplinary action against them during the vigilance week.

At a review meeting, Chief Secretary reviewed progress made in developing of online Girdawari module. The module is surely going to enable field functionaries to record seasonal crop details instantly.

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