‘Train to Kashmir will improve connectivity, boost economic development’

Srinagar: Kashmir is all set to establish a transformative connection with the rest of the country as a new railway network is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.
This monumental project promises to not only improve transportation and connectivity but also boost economic development, tourism, and cultural exchange in the region.
“The dream of linking Kashmir with the railway network has been a long-cherished one, with discussions and planning dating back several decades. However, it was only in recent years that the project gained significant momentum and was fast-tracked,” an observer told Precious Kashmir.
Pertinently, the ambitious project, which is being closely monitored by the Indian Railways, the Ministry of Railways, and the Jammu and Kashmir Government, is nearing completion and is set to bring a new era of connectivity to Kashmir.
The primary objective of this rail network, according to the officials, is to ensure that Kashmir is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the country, opening up the region to increased trade and tourism opportunities.
“The network will comprise both broad-gauge and narrow-gauge tracks, offering connectivity to various parts of Kashmir. Notably, this project will reduce travel time and improve the overall travel experience for both passengers and cargo transportation,” officials added.
One of the key highlights of this project is the construction of the Chenab Bridge, which will be the world’s highest railway bridges. The bridge, situated at a height of 359 meters above the Chenab River. “The bridge is a testament to India’s engineering prowess and is a visual marvel. It will not only serve as a vital link in the railway network but also become a major tourist attraction in its own right,” said an official.
The railway network will connect Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, with the rest of the country, making it more accessible for tourists and businesses alike.
Moreover, the railway line will pass through some of the most picturesque landscapes, including lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, and pristine rivers, offering passengers a unique and breathtaking journey.
“This project is not just about improving connectivity; it is also expected to boost economic development in the region. The increased ease of transporting goods will encourage trade and commerce, creating job opportunities and promoting economic growth. Furthermore, it will allow the people of Kashmir to access a wider market for their products and services, thus enhancing their livelihoods,” officials said.
Notably, tourism industry is also set to benefit immensely from this rail network. Travelers from across the country and the world will find it more convenient to explore the stunning beauty and rich culture of Kashmir. The increased tourist influx is expected to provide a much-needed boost to the local economy and help the region to become number one tourist destination in the world.
As the final stages of construction are underway, anticipation is running high in the region. The successful completion of the railway network by the end of 2023 won’t  only be a remarkable feat of infrastructure development but a significant milestone in the history of Kashmir.


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