PM Modi a world leader, his voice heard globally: Vice-Prez

New Delhi: Heaping praise on the prime minister for his leadership qualities, Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on Wednesday said Narendra Modi is now a world leader whose voice is heard globally.

“Gone are the days when an Indian prime minister could be taken differently. He (Modi) is now a world leader. We have a prime minister who represents Bharat and its 1.4 billion people. His voice is heard and his advice is recurring to decision making. That is a big change we all are having at the moment,” he said during his address at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi.

Talking about the Modi-led government at the Centre, Dhankhar said, “We have witnessed the unstoppable rise of Bharat. It is being looked upon as a problem solver for the challenges of our time. You are living in an era where Bharat’s influence is felt beyond its borders.”

“Imagine the strength of our diplomacy, we have taken a stand that suits our country the best. The stand that we have taken with respect to war by diplomacy dialogue resolution is in consonance with our civilizational ethos. Bharat has become agenda setters on global issues today,” he said in an apparent reference to the Russia-Ukraine war.

Recalling his recent foreign visit, the vice president said, “I have experienced it during my three visits abroad and interaction with global leaders that India is looked at very differently. India defines its own policies and interest. The world takes note of what India does and what India’s standing is.”

Without naming anyone, Dhankhar added that  there are several forces peddling false narratives to taint and tarnish the image of Bharat and its institutions. He called upon the students to decimate and neutralize such kinds of narratives which are pernicious and do not reflect the ground reality.

“You are the foot soldiers, you are the warriors of Bharat in 2047. You will be shaping Bharat’s destiny by the time you reach 2047. It is your responsibility to neutralize all anti-Bharat narratives and that is required to be done in a vigilant manner,” the VP added.

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