J&K Admin embarks on mission to achieve objective of ‘Zero Houseless’

Srinagar: The J&K Government has embarked on a mission to achieve the objective of ‘Zero Houseless.’
This ambitious initiative aims to provide housing to landless individuals who are domiciles of the region. Deputy Commissioners across the region have been entrusted with the task of identifying eligible beneficiaries and allotting them 5-marla plots of land after thorough verification of their claims.
According to the officials, under the ‘Zero Houseless’ mission, Deputy Commissioners have been working tirelessly to identify landless families who are bona fide domiciles of Jammu and Kashmir. The eligibility criteria are meticulously enforced, ensuring that the most deserving individuals are selected to receive the 5-marla plots of land. “This land allocation is not only a significant step towards addressing homelessness but also provides an opportunity for economic empowerment and stability to the beneficiaries,” an official told Precious Kashmir. He said, “More than 350 eligible families have already been allotted 5-marla plots of land as part of this groundbreaking initiative. This marks a significant milestone in the ‘Zero Houseless’ mission, as it is expected that many more families will benefit from this scheme in the coming months.”
The selection process for beneficiaries, according to the officials, involves a rigorous verification process. Deputy Commissioners are collaborating with local authorities to ensure that the criteria are met and that the land allocation is just and fair. This careful approach aims to prevent any misuse of the scheme and to guarantee that the intended beneficiaries are the ones who receive the land.
Pertinently, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, has been closely monitoring the progress of the ‘Zero Houseless’ mission.
LG Sinha has been reiterating that this initiative is a pivotal step towards social justice and economic growth in the Union Territory. “We are committed to the welfare of our people. The ‘Zero Houseless’ mission is not just about providing shelter; it is about creating opportunities for individuals and families to thrive and contribute to the growth of our region,” LG Sinha had said while handing over the allotment letters to the landless families recently.
The allocation of land to eligible families is expected to have a cascading effect on the overall development of Jammu and Kashmir. Access to housing can lead to greater stability, better access to education, and improved employment opportunities, ultimately contributing to the socioeconomic growth of the region. “The ‘Zero Houseless’ mission in Jammu and Kashmir is a beacon of hope for those who have long struggled with homelessness. As more families are provided with land and the opportunity to build their homes, it is a positive step towards creating a brighter future for the Union Territory,” said an observer.


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