US concerned over escalating attacks on Americans across Middle East

Washington: The US has said that it is concerned over the escalating attacks on the Americans across the Middle East in wake of ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, media reports said.

“We’re concerned about potential escalation. In fact, what we’re seeing is the prospect of a significant escalation of attacks on our troops and our people throughout the region,” US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told ABC News.

He said that because of that, we’re going to do what’s necessary to make sure that US troops are in the right position, they’re protected and that we have the ability to respond.

Austin’s comments come as Iranian proxies attack U.S military bases in Iraq and Syria, the Navy recently intercepted missiles fired from Yemen. There has also been increased fighting along the Israel-Lebanon border.

The U.S has sent the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Strike Group to join the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea and will deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense battery in addition to Patriot battalions, ABC reported.

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