The Sky Has No Limits


Looking at the sky I wonder if it has an edgeThe sky is eternal. My eyes never get satisfied of seeing a part of it. Looking at the sky I wonder if it has an edge. Being born as a homosapien (so called superior of all), it makes me selfish and I am sure that not only me but it makes everyone selfish.
We all live in delusion of this life and sweep off everything that comes in our way. We want bit of everything everywhere and this more and more of everything takes us away from the almighty. We do not understand that the life we are living is his and nothing is ours.
We do not learn from the earth how endlessly it provides us with its bounties without expecting even a bit from our side. The idea of modernization or westernisation is disturbing everyone’s life around.
The world in which we are living never gets contented with what it has and this is the reason that in today’s world we do have everything but not peace.
When I look at the small children without slippers ,worn out clothes – selling pens, I get filled with guilt that do I ask a lot from my parents, friends and people around me.
There are people who strive for their living and there are people who want ways to spend all what they have. It is only because of us that others have a feeling of wanting . This “Kash mere paas bi hota” is all what we all have in us.
The most scary part of life is that we fear losing people around us. We are scared if we would be ever able to meet people the next moment. Sometimes we are not that expressive about things but deep down we all know that everyday there is something that we are leaving behind , there is something that we are losing . These worldly attachments never let us live our lives. We live under the shade of a tree out of which we never want to come out. In Guru Granth Sahib Ji It’s written:
“The world and its affairs are totally false ,
Says Nanak it is like a wall of sand, It shall not endure
Ram Chand passed away, as did Raavan, even though he had lots of relatives
Says Nanak, nothing lasts forever, this world is like a dream
People become anxious, when something unexpected happens
This is the way of the world, O Nanak, nothing is stable or permanent
Whatever has been created shall perish, today or tomorrow.”
Maybe the sky of the Earth will end someday but the sky of our cravings will remain eternal.
The author is Environmental Science Lecturer hail from the Village Bhagota Distt and Teh Doda Jammu and Kashmir.Views are his personal

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