New infrastructure, industries create historic number of job opportunities in J&K

Srinagar: Recently J&K Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha announced that a historic number of job opportunities have been created over the past three years, marking the highest number of jobs generated since 1947.
An official while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “Record-breaking 30,000 jobs have been created in Jammu and Kashmir over the past three years. This achievement signifies government’s dedication to fostering economic growth, empowering the youth, and promoting overall development in the region.”
“One of the key area that has contributed significantly to this job creation surge is the development of infrastructure and industries. J&K has witnessed substantial investments in infrastructure projects, including the construction of roads, bridges, and railways, which has not only improved connectivity but also generated employment for thousands of locals. Additionally, the establishment of industrial hubs and special economic zones has attracted private investment, resulting in the creation of jobs in manufacturing and allied sectors,” the official said.
He added, “The tourism sector has also played a pivotal role in the job market expansion. The picturesque landscapes of J&K have always held immense potential for tourism, and concerted efforts to boost this sector have borne fruit. Increased tourist footfalls have led to higher demand for hospitality, transportation, and related services, offering employment opportunities to a significant number of people.”
Pertinently, during the past few years the government has laid emphasis on importance of skill development and vocational training programs. “These initiatives have equipped the youth of J&K with the necessary skills to secure jobs both within the union territory and in other parts of the country. The government’s focus on enhancing the employability of the local workforce has been instrumental in bridging the gap between job seekers and job opportunities,” said an observer.
He said, “The education sector has also received attention, with initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education and expanding educational institutions. This has created jobs in teaching, administration, and support staff positions, contributing to the overall job market growth.”
The observer said, “The creation of a record-breaking 30,000 jobs in J&K over the past three years signifies a significant milestone in the region’s development journey. Under the dynamic leadership of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, the Union Territory has witnessed unprecedented progress and economic growth, providing its residents with new opportunities and a brighter future. We hope that the momentum will be sustained, and J&K will see even greater prosperity in the years to come.”


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