Doodhpathri breaks records, attracts 2.6 million tourists in 9 months

Srinagar: Doodhpathri, once a hidden gem nestled in the heart of central Kashmir’s Budgam district, has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a must-visit tourist destination. In just nine months, this scenic spot has broken records, attracting an astonishing influx of over 2.6 million visitors from various parts of the world.

Nargis Suraya, Chief Executive Officer of Doodpathri Development Authority (DDA) while speaking to a local news gathering agency credited the area’s recent surge in popularity to years of development and hard work. She said the restored network facilities have encouraged people to visit, even for overnight stays.

“In the last nine months, Doodhpathri welcomed 2.628 million visitors, including 2,826 international tourists. This surge indicates that the place has rapidly become a must-visit spot in the Kashmir Valley,” she said, adding that during the first four months of this year, nearly 200,000 people visited, but in the nine months since, the number has surged to 2.6 million.

Suraya emphasised the DDA’s commitment to making Doodhpathri even more appealing to both locals and tourists, both national and international. “We are witnessing not only local tourists but also foreigners who truly appreciate this location. They spend considerable time here, contributing to the local economy and providing livelihoods for those working in the area,” she noted.

The CEO of DDA highlighted the natural beauty of Doodhpathri, pointing out its breathtaking landscapes meticulously crafted by nature. She announced that this year, four films were shot in this picturesque location. “This development is highly positive for the region’s tourism industry and the global cinema scene,” she said.

Suraya also revealed plans to transform Doodhpathri into a premier winter destination. “Just like in previous years, we will keep the roads to Doodhpathri clear of snow, ensuring easy access for visitors,” she said, adding that for those seeking adventure, skiing and snow scooters will be available, promising a thrilling winter experience. (KNO)


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