FPA Sgr conducts training program on MISP

By: Bashir Bhat

Srinagar: Family Planning Association of India (FPA) Srinagar branch conducted a training programme on MISP (Minimum Initial Services Package) with the volunteers of Civil Defence Sringar at the Divisional Office Srinagar.

The Divisional Warden Rahi Riyaz highlighted the response and preparedness as the basic step of Civil Defence and welcomed FPA India Srinagar’s approach for disaster preparedness.

Branch Manager FPA India Srinagar Basit Bhat deliberated the participants about the MISP by FPA India and involvement of volunteers during the times of crisis.

Bhat explained the volunteers how to work in unity and there should be no partiality in working for the cause of people. He also explained that his organisation works on humanitarian grounds as well. He awakes the volunteers about the abuses of drug, how to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality including the prevention of HIV in humanitarian settings.

FPA said that it is committed to support communities to adopt the crisis situation if any and any time happens.

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