Man beheads wife’s paramour, places head in front of her house

Chennai: In a shocking incident, a man in Tamil Nadu’ Tenkasi district beheaded a person suspected to be having an affair with his wife, and then travelled to his wife’s residence in Tuticorin district with the severed head which he placed in front of her house.

The gory incident took place on Thursday evening.

The accused, S. Velusamy, has been arrested by the police. The deceased has been identified as Murugan, who was a farmer and lived near the residence of the accused at Kannadikulam in Tenkasi district.

The police said that Velusamy is married to Esakkiammal from Rajaputhukudi in Tuticorin district. Esakkiammal had an affair with Murugan, who stayed close by.

Later, Esakiammal separated from Velusamy and went to live with her parents in Rajaputhukudi. Velusamy, according to the police, was irked by this and in a fit of rage he hacked Murugan to death. He then travelled to Esakkiammal’s house with Murugan’s severed head which he placed before her house.

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