Ukraine mulls trade restrictions over grain export dispute

Kiev: Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has said that Kiev is considering imposing trade restrictions on three European Union (EU) member states if they do not agree to compromise in their grain export dispute.

“Unless Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia agree to the measures negotiated with the European Commission, Ukraine will impose mirror or reciprocal trade restrictions,” Shmyhal was cited as saying by the government press service.

The decision of the neighbouring countries to ban grain supplies from Ukraine, which goes against the recommendations of the European Commission, as a “blow to the Ukrainian economy, to the very principles of the EU, and to global food security,” he said, Xinhua news agency reported.

Ukraine has told its neighbouring countries that it would implement effective control measures for the export of four groups of farm products to prevent market distortions, the official added.

The European Commission said last week it has decided not to extend the embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products to Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia, which expired on September 15.

Despite the commission’s decision, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia refused to drop the ban.

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