Adv Sabir Hussein enlightens students at Vitasta College of Law

Srinagar: Senior Advocate Sabir Hussein, a distinguished figure in the legal community, recently graced the premises of Vitasta College of Law, where he shared his invaluable experiences and insights with eager law students.

The event was marked by the release of his latest book, “Analytic CrPC,” which promises to be a valuable resource for legal enthusiasts.

Sabir Hussein, known for his profound knowledge and contributions to the field of law, engaged in an enlightening session with the students, providing them with a glimpse into the intricacies of the legal profession. His visit was a significant opportunity for budding lawyers to gain a deeper understanding of the legal world from an eminent figure.

During the event, Advocate Sabir Hussein unveiled “Analytic CrPC,” a book that is expected to become an essential reference for legal scholars and practitioners alike. The book delves into the complexities of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) with a comprehensive and analytical approach, offering valuable insights into its practical application.

Principal Fareed Ahmed and Vice Principal Rakib Zia were also present at the event and expressed their gratitude for Hussein’s visit. Vice Principal Rakib Zia shared his views on the importance of legal education and the role of such interactions in shaping the future of aspiring lawyers.

Advocate Sabir Hussein is no stranger to the world of legal literature, having authored numerous books that have greatly contributed to legal scholarship. His dedication to sharing knowledge and experience has made him a revered figure in the legal community.

The event at Vitasta College of Law was a resounding success, leaving students inspired and better equipped for their legal journeys. It underscored the college’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience to its students by facilitating interactions with eminent personalities in the legal field.

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