Kashmiri Kehwa part of menu in Prez’s dinner for G20 leaders

New Delhi: The dinner hosted by President Droupadi Murmu for G2O leaders at Bharat Mandapam in Delhi today, promises to be a delectable delight.

The menu begins with an introduction to how India, with all its diversity, is connected by ‘taste’.

“A medley of traditions, customs and climate, Bharat is diverse in many ways, Taste connects us,” the menu read.

Paatram: Foxtail millet leaf crisps topped with a yoghurt sphere and spiced chutney.

Main Course: Vanavarnam: Jackfruit galette served with glazed forest mushrooms, Little millet crisp and curry leaf-tossed Kerala red rice.

Indian Breads: Mumbai Pao: Onion seed-flavoured soft bun.

Bakarkhani: Cardamom-flavoured sweet flatbread.

Dessert: Madhurima ‘Pot of gold’: Cardamom scented Barnyard millet pudding, fig-peach compote and Ambemohar rice crisps.

Beverages: Kashmiri Kehwa, Filter Coffee and Darjeeling Tea.
Paan-flavoured chocolate leaves.

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