Surge in digitized services puts J&K on top, UT surpasses Madhya Pradesh

Srinagar: In a significant achievement, Jammu and Kashmir has overtaken Madhya Pradesh to become the number one place in India in terms of the number of online services provided to citizens.

An official while talking to Precious Kashmir said, “This remarkable feat has been achieved due to the successful implementation of the Digital J&K programme, which was launched in mission mode last year.”

He said, “Since its inception, the Digital J&K programme has been dedicated to ensuring the efficient and seamless delivery of public services through digital platforms. The initiative aims to use technology to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens, making essential services more accessible and convenient.”

Notably, under this ambitious programme, the number of online services provided by the Jammu and Kashmir Government has witnessed an exponential increase. This surge in digitized services has propelled Jammu and Kashmir to the top position, surpassing Madhya Pradesh, which was previously considered a pioneer in the digital domain.

The Digital J&K programme, according to the officials, has spearheaded the transformation of various government services into online platforms, revolutionizing the way citizens interact with administrative bodies. It has not only made government services more efficient, but also improved transparency and minimized corruption by reducing physical human contact in the process.

“One of the key aspects of the Digital J&K programme is the E-District initiative, which provides citizens with an easily accessible online portal for availing various government services. Through this portal, individuals can apply for essential documents like birth certificates, death certificates, and various forms of licenses, all from the comfort of their homes,” the officials added.

The remarkable growth in online services has been made possible by the widespread availability of internet connectivity throughout Jammu and Kashmir. Many steps have been taken to strengthen internet infrastructure in the region, ensuring that citizens can seamlessly access digital services even in remote areas.

“The success of the Digital J&K programme has not gone unnoticed, and it has become a model for other States and Union Territories to emulate. The introduction of newer and more convenient online services has received positive feedback from the general public, who appreciate the government’s efforts to embrace technology for their benefit,” the officials added.

“The Digital J&K programme continues to explore innovative ways to expand the range of online services offered. Citizens can now access services related to land revenue records, obtaining caste certificates, and even digital payment of electricity bills,” they said, adding, “The programme has transformed the way public services are provided. The government’s commitment to expanding online services is likely to have a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of the people in Jammu and Kashmir.”

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