G20 TV Conclave – World acknowledges India’s quantum leap in space sector: Dr Jitendra

New Delhi: Union Minister of State, Dr Jitendra Singh Wednesday said the world today acknowledges India’s quantum leap in the Space sector, following the massive push by Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he took the courageous decision to “unlock” this sector from the shackles of the past.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, “Prime Minister Modi has broken the taboos of the past and sometimes I wonder why this couldn’t have happened earlier. At the same time, even at the physical level, it has increased funding, it has enthused the private sector and the industry. Within just 3-4 years we have more than 150 Startups,” he said speaking at the G20 Conclave organised by a national TV channel here.

The Union Minister said ISRO has launched more than 380 foreign satellites, earning more than 250 Million Euros and more than 170 Million US Dollars by launching American satellites.

“Overall, India’s Space economy today stands at about $ 8 billion, viz 2% of the global (market share) but the entire world is recognizing increased pace and that’s why the conservative projections are $40 billion by 2040, but the other day, about 2-3 days back, we had the ADL (Arthur D Little) Report, which mentions that we could have the potential of $100 Billion by 2040, which is going to be a gigantic jump. And that’s what the world is now expecting, because we’ve started moving very fast, our launchings are also very frequent,” he said.

Dr Jitendra Singh said the ambitious Gaganyaan will have its first trial flight by the first or second week of October following the launch of first Sun Mission “Aditya-L1” on 2nd of September. In the second trial, possibly beginning of next year, a female robot named “Vyommitra” will be onboard the Gaganyaan before the first human mission which may include up to three astronauts, he said.

Denying that India is in competition with any other nation in Space exploration, Dr Jitendra Singh reiterated that India’s Space Research and Atomic Energy programmes are, as envisaged by the founding fathers, entirely peaceful and that the ISRO is collaborating with leading Space agencies and has put into orbit several satellites of private foreign entities and educational institutions.

Referring to applications of Space Technology to different sectors like Railways, Highways, Agriculture, Water Mapping, Smart Cities, Telemedicine and Robotic Surgery, which brought ‘Ease of Living’ for the common man, Dr Jitendra Singh said, Space tech has touched virtually every household in India. (Agencies)

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