G20 core mandate cannot advance unless Global South concerns not addressed, says Jaishankar

New Delhi: Minister for External Affairs S. Jaishankar while drawing attention to the Global South said the core mandate of the G20 is to provide economic growth and development, and it cannot advance if the concerns of the Global South are not addressed.

“The core mandate of the G20 is to promote economic growth and development, and that cannot advance if the crucial concerns of the Global South in the areas that are not addressed,” Jaishankar said on Sunday while addressing the B20 Summit here on the ‘Role of the Global South in the Emerging World 2.0’.
He further said, “For a variety of reasons , the Global South was largely being reduced to being a consumer rather than a producer. Their contribution very often was to provide resources for manufacturing elsewhere. They only did not reap the full benefits¬† of economic change but often ended up with unviable debts.”
“The current focus on the Global South emanates from the global conviction that these are countries that are truly deserving of special care. These are also societies under exceptional stress which if left unaddressed would become a serious drag on the world economy,” he said.
Referring to India’s G20 presidency, the Minister said, “When India assumed the G20 presidency last December, we were acutely conscious that most of the Global South would not be at the table when we met. This mattered very much because the real urgent problems are faced by them.”
“To discuss their concerns without providing them a fair hearing, appeared extremely unfair. Therefore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to convene the ‘Voice of the Global South Summit ‘ in January this year. We heard from 125 countries directly about their challenges and priorities. On their behalf, this has been made a centre of the G20 agenda,” he added.
Jaishankar further said, “It is an undeniable reality that the international system remains dominated by the Global North. This is naturally reflected in the composition of the G20 as well.”
The Minister further said that the Narendra Modi-led government is committed to ease of living.

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