Czech couple fascinated by Kashmir’s lakes, mountains and flowers

Srinagar: There has been an increase in the number of foreign tourists in Kashmir who are hailing the beauty of the place and the hospitality of its people.

Radka Klapova and Petr Kunes, a couple from the Czech Republic, while talking to a local news gathering agency said they enjoyed trekking to Kashmir’s great lakes.

They couldn’t help but praise the captivating beauty of the valley. “We admire the nature. We are amazed to see how green Kashmir is, and how a lot of Edelweiss flowers are available here, which are rare in Europe,” Klapova said, adding that they liked the lakes surrounded by beautiful mountains and enjoyed camping with “mesmerising views” every day.

We met a lot of friendly people here, and every time they smiled at us and tried to talk to us for at least a bit, Radka said. “We felt totally safe and very welcomed in Kashmir.”

Petr loves food here, and I would like it too, but for me, everything is too spicy; so I enjoyed Goshtaba and Lassi, the tourist added.

Klapova said they can “imagine spending months in Kashmir”. “We really loved this place. It is a real heaven on earth,” they said.

Currently, they have planned a trip to Ladakh and want to stay in Kashmir for more time after returning back and enjoying it here. (KNO)

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