Importance of Morning Assembly

Sahil Manzoor

Education is the key to success and opens various doors for educated youth. Acquiring education is our fundamental right, and the governments of various states and union territories in our country have launched various beneficial schemes for the downtrodden class. In fact, the government provides education to all age groups, from 3 years old to higher studies like doctorate degrees, opening opportunities for those who are willing to go for research. Education has an immense and vast field for the learners in different aspects, like providing great opportunities to become what they want. As in our nation there are a number of prestigious posts like IAS, IPS, defence, etc., youths are getting motivated through various channels and trying their luck for their future dreams.

But we have to keep in mind that we don’t need to get involved in studying books and other relevant material for 24 hours. We need concentration; concentration is very important for acquiring a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. Studying for 6 hours daily with utter concentration can lead you towards your dreams and keep you relaxed. Life is countable, and we have to live it with great passion, set dreams for our family and nation, and hope for the best. While choosing your goal, always consult your elders and get counselling from the well-known and experienced ones.

In this article, I am going to explore the importance of morning assembly in educational institutes. Morning assembly is one of the most important and plays a great role in bringing out the talent of our blooming buds and providing a platform where they perform what they accumulate. Morning assemblies are set up to maintain the physique of the students and nourish them by involving them in various activities. In educational institutes, morning assembly is crucial for the overall development of the child, as they get a chance to introduce their hidden potential, which helps teachers identify their skills and engage them.

Importance of morning assembly in educational institutes:

  1. Covering all the students of all age groups, where they get a chance to introduce what type of talent they have.
  2. Helps teachers and students both to interact on different issues on a daily basis.
  3. Important knowledge can be spread in a very short span of time among all the learners, providing them with a chance to get updated on what is happening around the corners of the world.
  4. Moral knowledge, general knowledge, debates on various current issues, cultural shows, comedy shows, and various interesting activities are being done during the morning assemblies, and most of the students are taking part with full enthusiasm and zeal in their educational institutes.
  5. Morning Prayer is an important part of morning assembly. All the students of different age groups loudly praise the almighty and wish for his blessing.
  6. During morning assembly, all the teachers and students get involved in their tasks and take part dynamically.
  7. Exercises: Exercises are very important for our physical fitness. During morning assembly, a number of exercises are done by the students, which keeps them fit and healthy throughout the day.
  8. At the end, the hygiene of the students checked by their teachers, who let them know about the cleanliness of their bodies and environment.

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