PM addresses people as his ‘family members’

Dons multicolour bandhani print turban on I-Day

New Delhi: In a switch from addressing the people of India as “my fellow citizens”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed the nation as his “family members” while speaking from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day.

Modi began his last Independence Day speech before the 2024 general election with, “My beloved 140 crore family members.” Throughout the speech, he referred to the people of the country as “parivaarjan (family members)”.

In his earlier speeches, PM had referred to the people of the country as “my beloved brothers and sisters”.

Addressing the nation on Independence Day for the 10th consecutive time as prime minister, Modi said global experts are saying that India will not stop now.

“All rating agencies lauding country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister sported a multicolour Rajasthani bandhani print turban with an off-white kurta and churidar for the 77th Independence Day celebrations at the historic Red Fort.

For his 10th Independence Day speech as prime minister, Modi also wore a black V-neck jacket with the turban which was a mix of yellow, green and red colour with a long tail.

It was in keeping with the tradition of PM Modi wearing colourful turbans on every Independence Day since 2014.

Last year, he chose a saffron headgear with red patterns and a long tail. With that, he wore a traditional kurta and a churidar, complemented by a blue jacket and a stole.

Flamboyant and colourful turbans have been a regular feature in the prime minister’s attire for Independence Day and Republic Day events.

For the Independence Day celebrations in 2021, the prime minister sported a saffron and cream headgear with a long tail. He had paired the ‘safa’ with a half-sleeve kurta and a fitted churidar.

Modi wore a white scarf with a saffron border that he used to cover his mouth and nose in view of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For his maiden Independence Day in 2014, he had opted for a bright red Jodhpuri bandhej turban. In 2015, Modi chose a yellow turban covered with multi-coloured criss-cross lines, and a tie-and-dye turban in hues of pink and yellow in 2016.

The Prime Minister’s turban for 2017 was a mix of bright red and yellow with crisscrossed golden lines all over. For his speech at the Red Fort in 2018, he had donned a saffron turban.

PM Modi’s speech this Independence Day is the last one before the 2014 general election. (Agencies)

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