Urgent need to uproot corruption, dynasty politics & appeasement: PM Modi

New Delhi:

a scathing attack on the opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that in order to make India a developed nation by 2047, the three ills of corruption, dynasty politics and appeasement need to be abolished from the system.

Literally seeking a mandate for the next five years with the Lok Sabha elections just eight months away, PM Modi in his Independence Day address from the historic ramparts of Red Fort, said that it was important to have a performance oriented government at the helm to achieve the dream of a developed nation.

“When I came to you in 2014, I promised you a performance based government. In 2019, performance brought me back, and the next 25 years is a period of fulfilling the dreams of a developed nation. So next year on Independence Day, I will lay down before you the roadmap for a developed nation, as I live and dream for you, as I have come from among you all. I cannot see your dreams remaining unfulfilled, as I strive to work for you as a worker and as your companion,” he said.

Emphasising on the need to abolish corruption, he said, “It is important to instill in ourselves a feeling of hatred towards corruption, just like we have for garbage. We need to root out it from our system,” PM Modi said.

He added that he will keep fighting against corruption as it is the biggest enemy of development.

“We also need to fight dynasty politics as well as politics of appeasement. These two ills also need to be uprooted as these factors have ruined the character of our nation. We need to fight these three ills with all our hearts in order to make India a developed nation by 2047,” he said.

“These three ills attack”, he said, “kill the aspirations of our people, especially those who are poor, backward, tribals, Pasmandas and even women. Among these people we need to instill a feeling of hatred towards corruption, dynasty politics and appeasement.”

“How can political parties in a democracy run on dynasty politics? For such parties it is of the family, for the family and by the family. We need to fight such dynasty politics. Similarly appeasement too needs to be combatted as it has ruined the fabric of social justice,” he said

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