‘Zero Poverty 2024 goal can uplift lives of millions in J&K’ 

Serve as model for other regions facing similar challenges

Srinagar: The government has set an audacious goal of eradicating poverty entirely from Jammu and Kashmir by the year 2024.

This ambitious endeavor, ‘Zero Poverty 2024,’ according to the officials, seeks to address the long-standing issues that have affected the lives of the common people in the region and pave the way for inclusive growth and prosperity.

‘The ‘Zero Poverty 2024’ initiative is a comprehensive strategy that encompasses a wide range of measures designed to uplift the most vulnerable sections of society and empower them to lead dignified lives,” an official told Precious Kashmir.

He said, “Key steps are being taken to address the core issues that touch the lives of the common man on a daily basis. One of the primary focuses of the initiative is to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for the people. The government has rolled out a series of employment generation programs, skill development initiatives, and vocational training centers across the region. These efforts aim to equip the youth with the necessary skills to enter the workforce or start their own businesses, thereby reducing unemployment and boosting economic activity.”

The official said, “Access to quality education and healthcare is another critical aspect being addressed under the ‘Zero Poverty 2024’ initiative. The government has allocated substantial resources to improve and upgrade educational institutions and healthcare facilities in the region. This includes the establishment of new schools and healthcare centers, as well as the enhancement of existing infrastructure. By ensuring that every citizen has access to quality education and healthcare, the government aims to break the cycle of poverty and create a healthier, more educated population.”

Another official said, “Steps are being taken to provide women with equal opportunities in education, employment, and leadership roles. Special schemes are being introduced to support women entrepreneurs and encourage their active participation in the economy.”

“In order to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development, the government is also focusing on modernizing agricultural practices and providing farmers with access to advanced technology, training, and financial assistance. This will not only enhance agricultural productivity but also improve the socio-economic status of rural communities.”

An observer said that the ‘Zero Poverty 2024’ initiative is a welcome step but people should understand that they have to cooperate with the authorities to address the issues of poverty and inequality in Jammu & Kashmir. “The road to achieving ‘Zero Poverty’ by 2024 is undoubtedly challenging, but  the comprehensive measures and targeted efforts being undertaken by the government signal a determined push towards transformative change. This initiative has the potential to not only uplift the lives of millions of people in J&K but also serve as a model for poverty eradication and inclusive development for other regions facing similar challenges.”

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