GoI to carry more exploration for Lithium in J&K

New Delhi: Minister of Mines, Coal and Parliamentary Affairs Pralhad Joshi in a written reply in Rajya Sabha said GSI carried out a G3 stage mineral exploration project during Field Season 2020- 21 and 2021-22 in Salal-Haimna areas of Reasi district, Jammu & Kashmir and estimated an inferred resource (G3) of 5.9 million tonnes of lithium ore and the report has been handed over to the Government of J&K.

GSI proposes to carry out more exploration activities in J&K for identifying lithium resources. The estimated value of lithium in J&K will be estimated on completion of further exploration.

Geological Survey of India (GSI) generates baseline geoscience data through mapping, e.g. geological, geochemical, geophysical which is pre-requisite for identifying the potential area for systematic mineral exploration. Based on the mapping data, GSI carries out systematic mineral exploration activities for various major mineral commodities including lithium.

In part of Jammu & Kashmir, as a follow up of lithium exploration in Salal-Haimna areas of Reasi district, GSI has taken up another reconnaissance G4 stage exploration programme on lithium and associated mineral in Panasa – Dugga – Baldhanun – Chakar – Sangarmarg (Saro-da-Bas) area of Reasi district during current field season 2022-23 and the work is in progress.

Based on the mapping outcome more exploration programme on various mineral commodities including lithium will be taken up in future in different parts of the country including Jammu & Kashmir.

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