Blue Economy can make all the difference to Earth: CAG Girish Murmu

Guwahati: The first senior officials’ meeting of the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI)-20 Engagement Group under India’s G20 Presidency began here on Monday, with Girish Chandra Murmu, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, as the Chair of the SAI20 Engagement Group leading the deliberations.

In his opening address, Murmu highlighted that SAI20 meeting is a symbol of global cooperation and collective efforts of the supreme audit institutions of the member G20 countries, to ensure inclusive development and wellbeing of all.

While recognising the importance of sustainability, growth and role of emerging technologies, Murmu informed that the SAI20, priority areas – “Blue Economy” and “Responsible Artificial Intelligence” represents the new-age opportunities and concerns and these underline the need for genuine cooperation.

According to him, the Blue Economy could make all the difference to the Earth and sustenance thereon.

“Blue economy is an economic system that encompasses a spectrum of policy and operational dimensions aimed at conserving marine and freshwater environments while promoting their sustainable use, producing food and energy, supporting livelihoods, and acting as a driver for economic advancement and welfare,” he added.

While speaking about the Responsible Artificial Intelligence (AI), the CAG highlighted that democratisation of AI technologies is inevitable and AI could be used to benefit citizens and the country through targeted and timely intervention.

He also highlighted that AI had the potential to solve issues related to areas like Healthcare, retail, finance, agriculture, food, water resources, environment and pollution, education, special needs, transportation, energy, public safety, disaster management, judiciary, etc.

Murmu said that the world was seized by multiple challenges and the most daunting ones being sustainable development and climate change.

The meeting saw participation of 39 national and international delegates from G20 member countries, guest countries and other international organisations also attended the SAI20 event.

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