DPS Srinagar celebrates International Women’s Day

Srinagar: On the eve of International Women’s Day, Delhi Public School (DPS) Srinagar organized a session for its teachers and staff on March 8th at the Senior Auditorium.

Besides the staff, representatives of five global NGOs interacted with the teachers about the tenacity, determination, and leadership of women as well as the struggles with issues of physical safety, insecurity, and lack of access to basic rights.

The representatives included Bharat Wakhlu and Savita Bhan Wakhlu, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Foundation for Peace and Compassionate Leadership, Srinagar & Pune – India, Nilima Bhat – Founder, Shakti Leadership, Bangalore, India & Mexico, Alexander Schiffer – Co-Founder, Home for Humanity Germany & France, Ms. Rama Mani – Co-Founder, Home for Humanity, India & France and Monica Jaramillo, Curator, Wiseexperience.com and Grandma’s March.

At the session, the participants committed to promoting women’s empowerment, gender equality, feminine wisdom, nurturing leadership, healing, social justice, peace, compassion, and the protection and preservation of our only home – Planet Earth (or Mother Earth). They shared their stories and experiences with the teachers and tapped into the wisdom stories of Kashmiri Women, the “Mothers and Daughters of Kashmir”.

Addressing the gathering, Principal Shafaq Afshan said, “Equity is synonymous with equality and in a world where equality remains the sole concern, it is our duty to promote the idea of equitable justice for the marginalized gender. Women’s Day is a day to commemorate and reiterate the ideal.”

Chairman Vijay Dhar also addressed the audience and said, “DPS Srinagar stands for creating a society that is equitable, just and accessible. Organising the session with representatives from around the world is a step towards this goal such that this ideal is cherished, recollected and perpetuated down eternity.”

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