Pattan woman trains 300 girls at her Umeed-backed boutique

Pattan: The women in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir are slowly breaking away to remain entirely dependent on male folks as the introduction of many central and state schemes are helping them not only in earning purposes but also in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

In the past few years, hundreds of women have scripted their success stories, and one among them is Shamshada Begum, a resident of north Kashmir’s Pattan, who has trained around 300 girls in her Umeed-backed boutique.

Shamshada, a graduate of the Pattan area said that she joined the Jammu and Kashmir Rural Livelihoods Mission (JKRLM)-launched Umeed scheme in 2018. “At the initial stage, I was not able to understand the benefits of this scheme, and later, after some time, when I went through it properly, I started a small boutique in the Hyderbeigh area of Pattan”, says Shamshada.

“I had little information about cutting, but with the cooperation of my family, I went to Delhi, where I learned about fashion designing with the support of the Umeed scheme.”

She said that at an early stage, I was focused on helping myself only. After returning from Delhi, I started working at my boutique and it was in April 2018 that I not only succeeded in making the market but was able to train at least 300 girls at my unit. She said that from 2 machines to 8, her boutique is growing continuously and has completely changed her life and of many others alike.

The successful businesswoman continued, “I am so excited to share that among those trained girls, most have started their own units and are able to survive in much better ways.

In her message to women, she says that we should not be afraid of the people, as rights are equal for both genders, so come out and make your mark.

She said losing hope in not getting a government job is not a solution for living a good life, as one can prove by her dedication and hard work in her business lines’ too.

She stated that it is not only in boutiques that girls can excel, but they should at least come forward. “Life is too short,” she added, “so do something instead of wasting your precious time.” (GNS)

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