Digital screen overuse

The younger generation remains glued to mobile phones and various online games. According to a survey, among the risks to health associated with the use of digital devices are eye strain, unstable binocular vision, uncorrected refractive error and dry eyes.

It has been also observed that children and adolescents often use several devices at once, for instance to browse social media on their phone while watching content on another device. Switching between devices increases the strain on the eye by 22 per cent, as this entails switching distances between different devices, forcing the eyes to adjust, the survey said.

Increased screen time can also lead to neck and shoulder strain, increases the amount of time spent sedentary, and is also associated with overeating, potentially resulting in health issues such as obesity.

Greater depths of focus are needed in some games which elucidate the kind of threat they present to society. Real-world penalties in these games include a reduction in social life and the wrath of the player’s families. These games take a lot of concentration as some involve teamwork.

Authorities need to form an online ethics review committee to monitor the entertainment software content from time to time in this context.

There is a need to cut down screen time and it can be done telling children how sedentary activities affect their overall health. Talk to them about things they can do to be healthier.

In order to reduce screen time, there is a need to find out ways to prevent children use mobile phones. Also do not let your child eat while watching videos or playing games on phone or computers. There is a need to involve children in other activities, such as family board games, puzzles, or going for a walk.

The parents need to be good role models and there is a need to decrease screen time by them also. One may find it difficult to start with but parents need to challenge the routines which have set bad precedents of excessive screen-time activities. With spring is arriving and schools having resumed, parents need to find things to do to get moving and burning energy.

By increasing awareness of the risks associated with high levels of digital screen use and sharing strategies to reduce the negative effects, parents and teachers should be encouraged to enhance the health and wellbeing of children.

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