From Sacrifice To Success: A Mother’s Journey To Educate Her Son In Rural Kashmir

 By: Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon
A mother’s determination and sacrifice can make the impossible possible. A mother’s love and devotion can move mountains and make dreams a reality.”
Education has the power to transform lives and break down the barriers of poverty and marginalization. However, for many communities, especially in rural areas, access to education remains a distant dream. Despite the challenges, one mother from Ganie Mohalla in Gundpora Village of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district has set an inspiring example by defying the odds and pushing her son to pursue education.
Aisha Begum, a 40-year-old woman, grew up in a community that did not value education. However, she was determined to provide her son with the opportunities she never had. She saw the pen in the hands of educated individuals and recognized the power of education to change lives.
Living with a dream to provide her son with the blessing of education, Aisha decided to work overtime and began to pile up every penny she earned to lead her son to the path of education. As a domestic help, she knocked at the doors of other houses every morning to find out the work and collected every coin anxiously to meet the requirements for her son Javid’s education. Aisha made many sacrifices to ensure that her son could complete his education.
Her efforts have paid off, as her son recently completed a Bachelor’s degree, becoming the first graduate in the entire community. Aisha’s determination and commitment to her son’s education is commendable, and she has set an example for others in the community to follow.
“Education is the gift that keeps on giving, and Aisha Begum’s investment in her son’s education will pay dividends for generations to come.”
The members of the community acknowledge that this achievement was accomplished by a mother more than her son. Aisha’s success has erased the taboo of the community, who were only looked at as domestic servants by the upper class. She has shown that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.
Aisha Begum’s story is an inspiration to all those who face obstacles and challenges in pursuing education. Her perseverance and dedication have helped her son achieve his dreams and will undoubtedly inspire many others in her community to strive for a better future.
We salute Aisha Begum for her unwavering commitment to her son’s education and wish her son Javid a bright and prosperous future. May his success be a source of inspiration for the entire community to recognize the power of education and work towards a brighter future for all.
“Education is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity and breaks the chains of poverty and marginalization.”

—Author holds the following positions:
•Educational Columnist •Motivational Speaker •Associate Editor of the weekly ‘Education Quill’ •Senior EDP Head at DD Target PMT in Kashmir, which is a reputed institute for medical/JEE/Foundation Coaching Classes.

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