PM calls e-sanjeevani a life saving app

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday termed the e-sanjeevani as a “lifesaving app” for the common man.

In his monthly radio broadcast “Mann Ki Baat”, Modi said, “E-Sanjeevani is becoming a life-saving app for the common man of the country, for the middle class, for the people living in hilly areas. This is the power of India’s digital revolution. And today we are seeing its effect in every field. You also know the power of India’s UPI. Many countries of the world are drawn towards it.”

Referring to the launch of UPI-Pay Now link, which took place last week between India’s UPI and Singapore’s Pay Now, Modi said: “Now, people of Singapore and India are transferring money from their mobile phones in the same way as they do within their respective countries. I am glad that people have started taking advantage of it”.

Be it India’s E-Sanjeevani App or UPI, these have proved to be very helpful in raising the Ease of Living, he said.

“There is one such App, E-Sanjeevani. Through this App Tele-consultation, that is, while sitting far away, through video conference, you can consult a doctor about your illness. Till now, the number of tele-consultants using this app has crossed the figure of 10 crores. You can imagine!… 10 crore Consultations through video conference… An amazing bond between patient and doctor – this is a big achievement,” the prime minister added. (IANS)

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