China attaches great importance to AI security governance: Ambassador

The Hague:  China has always attached great importance to the security governance of artificial intelligence (AI), Chinese Ambassador to the Netherlands Tan Jian said.

Tan made the statement at a high-level segment of the Responsible Artificial Intelligence in the Military Domain Summit hosted by the Dutch government, Xinhua reported.

Over the past years, China has enhanced relevant research on legal, military, technological and ethical aspects, improved AI-related security governance, and submitted two position papers to the United Nations on regulating military applications of AI and strengthening ethical governance of AI, said Tan, who is also head of the Chinese delegation at the summit.

The Chinese ambassador emphasised that military applications of AI concern the common security and well-being of mankind, which requires the united response of all countries.

China upholds the concept of “AI for good” and opposes seeking absolute military advantage and hegemony through AI, he said.

He called for efforts to stay committed to putting people’s well-being front and centre, abide by international law and ethics, and earnestly respect and safeguard human dignity and rights.

Tan also urged efforts to adhere to multilateralism, give full play to the role of the United Nations as the main channel in the AI global governance and constantly enhance the representation and voice of developing countries.

China opposes man-made barriers in the field of science and technology and supports efforts in ensuring the rights of all countries to technological progress and peaceful uses, he added.

The two-day event, which opened on Wednesday, gathered some 1,700 participants from more than 80 countries, representing governments, think tanks, enterprises, and scientific research institutions.

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