Winter temperatures plunge in Afghanistan, 78 dead

Kabul: The Taliban-led government in Afghanistan has confirmed that at least 78 people have died as winter temperatures plunged across the country.

Speaking to CNN on Thursday, Shafiullah Rahimi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Disaster Management, said that along with the loss of human life, more than 77,000 livestock had also frozen to death in recent days.

Last week, the mercury fell to minus 28 degrees Celsius and there was a possibility that it might dip even further low, CNN meteorologists, said adding that the temperatures are well below average for this time of year, with the coldest conditions recorded in the north.

On Wednesday, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA) in Afghanistan had said that livestock losses posed a further risk to families with more than 21 million people urgently needing food and agricultural support.

Half of Afghanistan’s population is experiencing acute hunger, and while conflict has subsided, violence, fear and deprivation remain, according to a recent UN report.

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