Rajnath Singh recalls bravery of armed forces

New Delhi: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Sunday recalled the bravery of the armed forces during 1962, 1965, 1971, 1999 wars and the recent incidents in Galwan and Tawang while noting that “all the three wings of the services have always discharged their duties with efficiency from time-to-time”.

He said the spirit and bravery of the soldiers has not only enhanced India’s respect around the world but also increased faith in the hearts of all Indians.

The Minister said this in Bengaluru while speaking on the occasion of 75th Army Day and paid glowing tributes to Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa.

It was the first time that the Army Day was held outside the national capital in order to increase the participation of people, especially the youth in ‘Knowing their Army’.

Rajnath Singh pointed out that all the three wings of the Services have always discharged their duties with efficiency from time-to-time, adding that in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) management, the Armed Forces have been a reliable partner not only for India but also for friendly countries.

Singh asserted that India is known across the globe for its strong military.

“Be it valour, loyalty and discipline or its role in HADR, Indian armed forces have always been one of the strongest & most reliable pillars of the country,” he added.

“Over the years, there has been a significant change in every field — from society, politics to economy. Security challenges have also witnessed that change. Not only are they evolving with time, the pace of that change is also increasing rapidly. Drones, underwater drones and weapons powered by artificial intelligence are being used today. This era has become technology intensive. Latest technological advancements have increased these challenges,” the Defence Minister said.

He exhorted armed forces to further develop their capabilities and implement the lessons learnt from the ever-evolving global security scenario, including the Ukrainian conflict.

He stated that militaries across the world are actively engaged in modernisation and are working on new ideas, technologies and their organisational structure. He urged the Indian armed forces to work on their strategies, tactics and policies keeping the future challenges in mind.

“It is imperative to work on tomorrow, the day after and the next 25-30 years. This will ensure our security and prosperity. Let us together build a developed and secure India,” he said.

Singh asserted that the government’s focus has always been on developing a strong and foolproof security apparatus and it is now playing a crucial role in the progress of the nation.

He said that due to the strength of its security system, India has become the fifth largest economy in the world and emerged as a preferred and reliable investment destination.

He voiced the government’s resolve to continue strengthening national security by equipping the military with indigenous state-of-the-art weapons, technologies and make India one of the most powerful countries and strongest economies in the world by 2047.

He assured the nation that the armed forces will always be ready to deal with all future challenges.


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