Prosecution Of NDPS Cases

Offences under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) are increasing. Youth are becoming easy prey to drug addiction. In last year alone, 1021 NDPS cases were registered and 1685 drug peddlers, including 138 of them notorious, were arrested, according to police. About 212-Kg Charas, 56-Kg Heroine, 13-Kg Brown Sugar, 1127-Kg Bhang, 4355-Kg Poppy Straw, 1567-Kg Fukki, 3-Kg Ganja, 10979 Intoxin Syrup and 135052 capsules or tablets were seized.

As has been observed by a court, the addiction of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is going to ruin the vitals of our society so much so that our youth are going from bad to worse. Public abhorrence of the crime under NDPS Act needs reflection through proper judicial measures.

A drug abuser drains family resources. The danger is associated with shrinking of responsibilities, sickness and dysfunctional relationships, distortion of interpersonal relationships, violence and death of a drug abuser.

While it may be true that the abuse is a global health and social problem with conditions and causes that vary locally, it remains a prominent issue of mortality across the world and consumes the lives of millions of people.

The use of psychoactive substances among adolescents and young adults has become a subject of public concern worldwide for varied consequences.

While the drug abuse and the trafficking of NDPS substance remains a serious threat to the society, prosecution has been strengthened.

Recently, the High Court of J&K and Ladakh expressed serious concerns regarding poor investigation and prosecution of NDPS cases. It has sought a detailed action taken report, indicating steps taken regarding “qualitative and quantitative overhauling” of the Forensic Science Laboratories in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.

The court has asked authorities to follow the directions by Supreme Court in Thana Singh vs Central Bureau of Narcotics, (2013), which among others calls for appointing nodal officers in all departments dealing with NDPS cases for monitoring the progress and trials.

The High Court has also underlined that samples sent to laboratories in J&K take one and a half years to two years in analyzing the same and submitting the report as there is only one State Forensic Laboratory and one Regional Forensic Science Laboratory functional in both the Union Territories.  The investigation and prosecution need to be speeded up for providing quick deterrent punishments to the offenders including drug peddlers. Rehabilitation of the addicts and the counseling of the youth is important to bring them back into the mainstream.

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