G-20, legislature-judiciary relationship on agenda at 83rd AIPOC

Jaipur: Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, who reached Jaipur to chair the 83rd All India Presiding Officers’ Conference on January 11-12, on Tuesday presided over its Standing Committee in which detailed discussions were held regarding the agenda items.

It was decided in the meeting that during the Conference, there will be a detailed discussion on India’s leadership of G-20 and the role of legislatures in the same.

“As the mother of democracy, India is a role model for the democratic nations from across the world. All countries look towards India for constitutional values and democratic traditions. In this context, it is important that in the next one year, along with G-20 countries, India plays the role of a guide in the direction of democratic empowerment in countries around the world,” a statement said.

Birla also said that discussions will take place during the various sessions of the Conference on making the Parliament and legislatures more effective and accountable. Public issues can be resolved only when the legislature and the executive work with greater accountability and transparency towards the common man. The Presiding Officers of legislatures will also deliberate on how legislatures can play an effective role in the changing scenario, he said.

He also stressed that the Constitution has defined the responsibilities and authority of the legislature, judiciary, and executive, and it is necessary that these three organs work in a harmonious manner as per the spirit of the Constitution. During the Conference, delegates will also brainstorm on how to strengthen mutual relations while avoiding interference in each other’s tasks.

During the Conference, discussions will also be held on further efforts to bring all legislatures of the country on a single digital platform. This will ensure quick and easy exchange of information and innovations being done in the legislative bodies across the country after all the legislatures come onboard the digital Sansad platform. This will also increase the efficiency and quality of communication between the legislators and the public, he said.

During the two-day Conference, the progress made in the direction of the resolutions passed in the Conferences held earlier will also be reviewed. This includes uniformity in procedures and rules in different legislatures, number of sittings in legislatures and attendance of members in meetings, strengthening of Committee system etc.

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