MERC organises 2-day workshop on digital journalism

Srinagar: Kashmir University’s Media Education and Research Centre (MERC) organised a two-day workshop on ‘Online News Writing and Editing’.

Speaking at the inaugural session, prominent journalist Riyaz Masroor, who is currently working with the BBC, highlighted the importance of the digital media in the changing media landscape.

The workshop aimed to train the students in online writing and editing skills.

In his lecture, Masroor emphasised the distinction between traditional print journalism and new online journalism. He discussed the intricacies of the mediums while highlighting the need of the special skill set for pursuing a successful career in the digital media.

Masroor said that today readers lack patience, making it difficult for a reporter to hook the online audience, as they are constantly distracted by the prop-ups. “Today hooking a reader’s attention and then holding it is a big challenge for a journalist,” he said.

Masroor told students that they have to upgrade their skills as per the requirements of the market driven by new technology and at the same time stick to the basic principles and purpose of journalism.

He also highlighted various technical aspects of online reporting and quoting the real life experiences, he told students how to handle the challenges that new technology has thrown up and how to capitalize on the new opportunities. “There is no limit to your growth provided you are ready to work hard and be innovative,” Masroor advised the students.

The workshop concluded with a question and answer session and students were also given assignments based on real life situations.

The HOD MERC Dr Aliya Ahmad said that workshops like these enhance the knowledge and vision of students while it also gives them chance to meet experts from the field which is necessary for their exposure. She said that the department has been organizing such events and shall continue to invite different experts to interact with the students.

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