“Qarar Rouvum” by Dir Health released in Srinagar

Srinagar: A Kashmiri song “Qarar Rouvum” written by Director Health Services Kashmir, Dr Muhstaq Ahmad Rather was on Friday released at a grand function in Srinagar.

Sung by famed Bollywood singer Sniti Mishra and Jaan Nissar Lone and produced by Rani Hazarika was released in Srinagar where dozens of artists, broadcasters and other dignitaries were present.

“Qarar Rouvum” is an agony of longing- a spiritual track written by Dr Mushtaq Rather Pathan. This song expresses the grief of a devotee forfeited by his beloved.

With an outburst of emotions, it reflects how the world that was like paradise before turned out into a deserted land after the beloved parted ways. This melody narrates how the seeds of love sown with the blood of devotion have declined shadow after unfolding into a tree.

Noted broadcaster and former Director CBS Srinagar, Shamshad Kralyari, singer Waheed Jeelani and other dignitaries graced the occasion.

“Qarrar Rouvum is not merely a song written in grief by a lover, It’s intense! Each word of this composition has been put down for the Supreme Being convincing Him that our existence will hold no grounds should he abandon us.”

“Our lives will lose their spirit and we shall go astray if the Almighty deserts us for no matter how thriving we stand, without him everything is in vain. We need the Almighty and His divine providence to guide us in all spheres of life. Without him, life is directionless so let’s promise ourselves that no matter where we are today we shall remember Almighty for if we remember Him, He shall remember us.”

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